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Nu-Med Plus engineers patented technology to safely deliver precision doses of nitric oxide. A line of innovative systems are being developed to serve new patient populations. Nitric oxide is not nitrous oxide. Rather, nitric oxide is a naturally occurring molecule with life-saving properties. Delivered correctly, nitric oxide holds the potential to dilate constricted blood vessels in heart patients and heal respiratory complications in newborns. Nu-Med Plus scientists employ our patented and patent-pending technology to also explore the potential of nitric oxide to treat wound care and those suffering from malaria, COPD, tuberculosis and ARDS. Explore our products, pipeline, and join us in bringing this life-saving technology to new markets.

Lowering Costs =
Opening Markets

Nu-Med Plus develops industry redefining products that are portable, cost less, operate more efficiently, and offer user-friendly designs. These patented/patent pending advancements hold the potential to break down barriers and open new markets which are often inaccessible due to the current prohibitive price and immobility of traditional nitric oxide delivery systems.

Innovative IP =
Competitive Edge

Nu-Med Plus has built out an intellectual property pipeline to revolutionize the nitric oxide delivery industry. Our unmatched research and development team has already earned one patent and has two pending patents. Each patent is applied to follow our strategic goals of lowering costs and opening markets. Nu-Med Plus’s strategic IP positioning allows for unimpeded growth while maintaining a strong defensive posture. Each piece offers new advances for clinicians and exceptional value for investors.

New Nitric Oxide Delivery =
Nu-Med Plus

Nu-Med Plus brings the right team of experienced medical device executives, research and development leaders, scientists, and innovative thinking to deliver a disruptive force in the nitric oxide delivery market. It all begins with a simple molecule and a life-saving promise. Nitric oxide holds a unique property as a signaling molecule with one unpaired electron. The scientist who unraveled the power of nitric oxide earned a Nobel Prize in the 1990’s. The discovery expanded nitric oxide delivery to treat numerous conditions. We’re still reinventing the healing powers of nitric oxide today and Nu-Med Plus is leading the way.
Nitric oxide’s signaling molecule with one unpaired electron
Nu-Med Plus builds patented devices to realize the potential of nitric oxide.

Investors and Partners =
Funding the Future

Nu-Med Plus partners with investors and organizations to help realize the future of nitric oxide delivery. Our groundbreaking research, development and marketing are powered through stock purchases, direct investment, and partnerships.We welcome conversations with potential investors and partners.

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