Built for Growth Potential

Nu-Med Plus’s patented nitric oxide technology unlocks potential new treatment options for diseases and complications which affect hundreds of millions of children and adults worldwide.

Expanding Markets

Legacy nitric oxide systems lack portability, are often prohibitively expensive and difficult to operate. Nu-Med Plus’s innovative patented and patent-pending technology explores precision portable devices that are less expensive and easy for providers and patients to operate. These technological advances are engineered to open new markets.


Market research forecasts that within three years of obtaining FDA regulatory approval, Nu-Med Plus stands to procure nearly 1% of the global respiratory market. This translates into revenues of approximately $350 million with a net profit of 12%, potentially earning Nu-Med Plus pre-tax profits of $42 million.

1.3 Million U.S. Cases annually


Nearly one-third of infant deaths are related to respiratory complications.

Nu-Med Plus Solution

Precision Nu-Med Plus technology is being designed to deliver exacting doses of nitric oxide to provide potential life-saving oxygenation into infants fighting to breathe.

216 Million People affected each year


Children and adults suffering with malaria often experience severe respiratory issues ultimately affecting their potential to survive. Malaria still claims more than a million lives each year.

Nu-Med Plus Solution

Nu-Med Plus’s battery operated and mechanical deliver systems holds the potential to open the malaria-fighting frontier. Treating malaria patients with the anti-inflammatory properties of inhaled nitric oxide provides precious time for antiparasitic therapies to take hold.

80 Million People affected each year


According to the Centers for Disease Control, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) ranks at the third leading cause of death in the U.S. The World Health Organization sites COPD as the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. The chronic lung disease limits airflow into a person’s lungs.

Nu-Med Plus Solution

Nu-Med Plus offers innovative delivery of inhaled nitric oxide. The gas dilates blood vessels and allows for increased oxygen flow to cells and tissues.

2.2 Million People affected each year


Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) triggers a terrifying sense of drowning in sufferers. Fluid builds in small air sacs in a patient’s lungs called alveoli limiting the ability of oxygen to reach the bloodstream.

Nu-Med Plus Solution

Inhaling nitric oxide has been shown to potentially increase the ability of alveoli to more effectively oxygenate a patient’s blood.

8 Million People affected each year


Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection affecting the lungs. The contagious and often fatal disease still claims more than a million lives each year.

Nu-Med Plus Solution

Medical trials utilizing nitric oxide delivery show promising results to fight and even cure the disease.

Why Nu-Med Plus

Nu-Med Plus aggressively pursues research and development into innovative nitric oxide delivery. The company holds one patent and currently has two patents pending related to Nu-Med Plus precision nitric oxide delivery. Our breakthroughs demonstrate the possibility of increased efficacy, lower costs, and increased portability. This intellectual property portfolio cements a strong foundation for additional patents, creates value for shareholders and safeguards against encroachment by future competition.

Intellectual Property
Global Revenue Potential

Nu-Med Plus engineered innovative technology to open new markets. The revenue potential for those combined markets measures into the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Our strategic pipeline of products leverages additional potential labeled indications for inhaled nitric oxide to expand our commercial reach into further untapped markets around the world.

Our executive team weaves together proven medical device manufacturing expertise, award-winning engineering prowess, and industry insiders with pivotal relationships. Nu-Med Plus executives are posed to form strategic partnerships, create joint venture relationships, or enter into licensing agreements. The combination provides Nu-Med Plus with a strong competitive advantage and builds additional value to the company.

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