Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide

Proven Healing. Untapped Potential.

Explaining Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide delivers unique medical benefits, unlike any other inhaled gas. The healing effects of this naturally occurring molecule remained largely a mystery until just a few decades ago. Nitric oxide functions as a signaling molecule helping dilate arteries and speed oxygen delivery to cells.

Nitric oxide kills viruses infecting cells, aids in healing wounds, and offers other patient benefits. Nu-Med Plus researchers are currently exploring other new applications for nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is not to be confused with nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas.

Step 1
Patented Nu-Med Plus technology releases precision amounts of nitric oxide into a patient's lungs
Step 2
The nitric oxide dosage is calibrated for each patient and relaxes blood vessels
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Step 3
Increased oxygen flows to cells, damaged tissue, and destroys viruses infecting cells
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Step 4
Newly oxygenated cells increase the rate of healing

Treating Trauma Outside the Emergency Room


Conventional Nitric Oxide Delivery Systems are Fixed Inside Hospitals

A frightful helmet-ringing crack silences fans at a highschool football game. A player falls to the ground as his body goes limp. Precious moments slip away after medical personnel arrive, currently unable to provide nitric oxide in a portable form.

Nu-Med Plus Solution

Portable Nitric Oxide

Nu-Med Plus puts the potential for precision nitric oxide delivery devices into the hands of ambulance crews and first responders. Whether they’re responding to head trauma at a football game or an unresponsive adult at home, the healing power of nitric oxide could be applied early and more successfully.

Unthinkable Choices: Cost vs Care


Current Nitric Oxide is Often Prohibitively Expensive

A premature baby delivers a choice no physician or parent wishes to face: cost versus care. Currently the cost of a neonatal nitric oxide ventilation is more than $100 an hour, with the smallest patients often needing days of nitric oxide for a healthy start to their life.

Nu-Med Plus Solution

Cost-Effective Care

Nu-Med Plus delivery systems are on pace to potentially provide more effective solutions at 50% less than current legacy providers, allowing physicians and parents to focus on care and not cost.

No Infrastructure. No Problem.


Nitric Oxide Delivery is Currently Tethered to Major Industrialized Infrastructure.

A malaria outbreak strikes in a rural community far from any city. Currently the sick must travel to a major hospital to reach the potentially life-saving treatment option of nitric oxide.

Nu-Med Plus Solution

Rechargeable and Disposable Nitric Oxide Units

Nu-Med Plus is developing units that will be designed to allow physicians to set exact dosage and use rechargeable batteries to speed treatment to rural areas. Nu-Med Plus is also engineering completely mechanical nitric oxide units which require no electricity. This technology could allow for the rapid deployment of nitric oxide delivery units, bringing life-saving technology beyond the electrical grid.

The Nu-Med Plus Difference

Innovative technology and the marketplace advantages are protected.
Lightweight and portable technology is posed to open new markets.
Cutting-edge science delivers new advances in nitric oxide delivery.
Lowering costs allows greater access to care for more people in more places.

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