Innovative Nitric Oxide Delivery

Nu-Med Plus scientists are strategically developing products to reach new markets

Hospital Unit

Designed for Patients on Ventilators

Nu-Med Plus scientists and medical device engineers developed a new nitric oxide delivery system capable of a continuous intra-breath concentration for medically supervised patients. This patent-pending unit is designed for the smallest newborns to the most fragile seniors on ventilators in a hospital setting. It’s precision design allows for accurate control of nitric oxide dosing across a full range of options. The technology controlled dosing is designed to be simple and safe, and is particularly helpful in weaning patients from nitric oxide.
*Available commercially upon FDA approval

Stats & Ideal Market

  • Intuitive design for easy use
  • Designed for compatibility with ventilators using nasal cannula or non-rebreather masks
  • Built in nitric oxide, oxygen and nitrogen dioxide monitors
  • Innovative dose control eliminates use of valves and injectors
Portable Unit

Lightweight and Portable Nitric Oxide Delivery

This patent-pending, battery-powered unit is designed to enable patient mobility inside a hospital and rapid deployment of nitric oxide beyond hospital walls. The Nu-Med Plus team engineered this portable nitric oxide delivery system to be worn comfortably by patients to allow ease-of-movement between critical care units. It also may allow treatment of patients who are not hospitalized but rather in emergency medical situations, underserved chronic therapies, and in developing nations.
*Available commercially upon FDA approval

Stats & Ideal Market

  • LED readouts for flow, battery and nitric oxide remaining
  • Ability for physician to set and lock nitric oxide delivery level
  • Delivers 2 to 44 ppm therapeutic dose from a pressurized cartridge which can be sized for each treatment
  • Rechargeable from wall outlet or backup battery
Clinical Unit

Small Multi-dose Unit for Emergency Rooms, Clinics and Nursing Homes

Using a Nu-Med Plus propriety nitric oxide formulation this smaller unit will have the capability to deliver high-purity nitric oxide in single-dose treatments. The design allows for potential expanded use beyond congenital pulmonary hypoplasia and neonatal hypoxia. Additional applications could involve therapeutic need for vasodilation and increased delivery of oxygen to diseased and injured tissue.
*Available commercially upon FDA approval

Stats & Ideal Market

  • Utilizes proprietary formula for nitric oxide generation
  • Small unit fits easily in an office environment
  • Easy to use dose controls
Commercial Unit

Designed for Research with a High Purity Nitric Oxide

The Nu-Med Plus 100 is one of the world’s first nitric oxide dilution systems purpose-built for research. The patent-pending technology utilized 100% pure nitric oxide from a pressurized tank and dilutes it with precision controls to provide a 1 to 5000 ppm source of nitric oxide for research applications.

Stats & Ideal Market

  • Cost effective source of ppm nitric oxide
  • Nitrogen dioxide scrubber ensures pure nitric oxide
  • Easy to use controls

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*The products above are currently not FDA approved and planned to be submitted for FDA clearance